• FAM CFI 250
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Boring and dowel inserting machine CFI 250. Created for machining small-dimensioned workpieces: sides, fronts, side elements for drawers, side frames, bed elements, doors and any kind of strips. The conveying system with blocks for panel trailing allows high production capacity up to 30 pcs /min.

Conveying system

The panels are conveyed by a toothed belt on which trailing and approaching blocks are mounted; this system allows panel conveying with 40 m/min advance.

Front stacker

This device allows automatic machine feeding. The stack is supported by pushers which sequentially release sequentially one panel a time onto the feeding table of the machine avoiding scratches or score to the panel under process and the stacked ones.

Empilatore posteriore

I pannelli vengono accatastati all'uscita della macchina, con l'empilatore anteriore e quello posteriore la macchina può essere gestita da un solo operatore.

Boring units

All of the front and back vertical units (both lower and upper) are completely independent from each other with disengaged displacement on each axis, allowing the most varied boring options even with different 32 mm multiple pitches.

Dowel inserting units

Possibility to insert 6 dowels per side, with a min. dia of 6 mm up to a max.10 mm. Glue inserting occurs by an injector controlled by a PLC connected to a potentiometer that allows to check and proportion the glue quantity.